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    Great opportunity to meet RI President Shekhar Mehta &

    World Top Experts in Environment & Disease Control

    Conference Theme: Two Areas of Focus for Our Service

         Disease Prevention & Treatment


    How to Save Human Race


    How to Serve Above Self

    Getting to Know Rotary International President Conference
    (watch videos below)

    Getting to Know Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation
    (watch videos below and the following statements)

    Rotary International

    Who Are We? 

    Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million neighbors, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers
    who see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change –
    across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.
    Solving real problems takes real commitment and vision. For more than 110 years,
    Rotary's people of action have used their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action
    on sustainable projects.  From literacy and peace to water and health,
    we are always working to better our world, and we stay committed to the end.

     Our History

    Rotary started with the vision of one man — Paul Harris. The Chicago attorney formed
    the Rotary Club of Chicago on 23 February 1905, so professionals with diverse backgrounds could
    exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships.
    Over time, Rotary’s reach and vision gradually extended to humanitarian service.
    Members have a long track record of addressing challenges in their communities and around the world.

    Our Mission

    We provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through our fellowship of business, professional, and community leaders. 

    Our Vision Statement

     Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change —
    across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

    Our Causes

     Rotary is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives,
    and create a better world to support our peace efforts and end polio forever.
    Our 7 areas of focus for our service are: Promoting Peace; Fighting Disease; Providing Clean Water,
    Sanitation and Hygiene; Saving Mothers and Children; Supporting Education; 
    Growing Local Economies; and Protecting Environment.


    Our Leaders

    Our leaders at Rotary exemplify all of the qualities that make our members extraordinary:
    integrity, expertise and a commitment to service.
    Rotary is led by a diverse international team of top executives.
    Whether developing Rotary policy, providing financial support, managing a global staff,
    or advancing Rotary's strategic plan, each member of the team is dedicated to helping
    our members connect and take action to create sustainable change. 

    The Rotary Foundation


    The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into service projects that change lives
    both close to home and around the world.   
    Since it was founded more than 100 years ago,
    the Foundation has spent more than $5.5 billion on life-changing, sustainable projects.
    With your help, we can make lives better in your community and around the world.


    The Rotary Foundation helps Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace
    by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty.

    Getting to Know Shekhar Mehta

    Rotary International President (2021-22)

    A Member of the Rotary Club of Calcutta-Mahanagar, West Bengal, India

    President Mehta, an accountant, is chair of the Skyline Group, a real estate development company he founded.
    He is also a director of Operation Eyesight Universal (India), a Canada-based organization.

    He has been actively involved in disaster response and is a trustee of ShelterBox, UK. After the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami,
    he helped build nearly 500 homes for families affected by the disaster.

    He pioneered a program that has performed more than 1,500 life-changing heart surgeries in South Asia.
    He is also the architect of the TEACH Program, which promotes literacy throughout India and has reached thousands of schools.

    A Rotary member since 1984, Mehta has served Rotary as director, member or chair of several committees,
    zone coordinator, training leader, member of The Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers, and district governor.
    He is also the chair of Rotary Foundation (India).  He has received Rotary's Service Above Self Award and
    The Rotary Foundation's Citation for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Service Awards.

    He and his wife, Rashi, are Major Donors and members of the Bequest Society.



         RI President Key Address

    Shekhar Mehta
    Rotary International President (2021-22

          Conference Opening & Welcome Remarks


    Sangkoo Yun
    The Rotary Foundation
    Vice-Chairman & Trustee

    Opening Remarks

    DongKurn Lee

    Rotary Intenational Past President
    The Rotary Foundation Past Chairman

    Welcome Remarks



    Katsuhiko Tatsuno

    Rotary International Director

                              Welcome Remarks


         World-Class Speakers on Environment


    Dr. Myung Ja Kim
    Former Minister of Dept. of Envioronment

           Speech Title:  "Is Climate Crisis and                   Existential Threat?" 

            The 7th Minister of the Ministry of Environment in
            Korea, Former Commissioner of Korea
            Meteorological Agency, Former Congresswoman,
            Chair of Hyosung Board of Directors, President of
            Seoul International Forum, Honorary Chairman of
            the Korean Federation of Science and Technology
            Organizations, Ph.D. from Graduate School of the
            University of Virginia

    Prof. Jae Chun Choe

    Professor of Ehwa Women University

           Speech Title:  "Biodiversity Imbalance

           and Eco-Vaccine"

             Ewha Womans University Chair-Professor,
             Biodiversity Foundation Representative,
             1st Director of National Institute of Ecology,
             2000 Korea Science and Culture Award, Ph.D.
             from Harvard University Graduate School of

    Dr. Byung Seong Chun
    Former Chairman of Korea Environment Corp


           Speech Title:  "Environmental Disaster:

           Water Contamination" 

            President of Korea Natural Disaster Association,
            Former Chairman of Korea Environmental
            Management Corporation. Former Commi-
            ssioner of the Korea Meteorological Agency,
            Presidential Environment Secretary, Master of
            Environmental Studies, Seoul National University,
            Master of Illinois State University, Ph.D. in
            Environmental Law, Konkuk University


    Kazuo Arai
    RID2820 Governor


           Speech Title:  "Rotary Service Day: 
           Global Environmental Conservation 

             A members of Rotary Club of Shimodate,
             Ibaragi Prefecture. Joined Rotary in 1998 and                   served as club president during 2015-16. 
             Rotary Foundation MD, PHS, Benefactor.

    Masahiro Amano

    Professor Emeritus of Waseda University

            Speech Title:  "Global Environmental                Problems and Beach Cleaning

              An Honorry Member of the Rotary Club of     
              Shimodate, Ibaragi Prefecture.  Post Senior 
              Fellow, Global Environmental Strategy Research            Institute, Public Interest Incorporated         
              Foundation. IPCC Nobel Peace Prize Winner 
              Contribution Certified.



         World-Class Speakers on Disease Prevention and Treatment

    John Alderman Linton MD
    Severance Hospital Desease Control Dept Chair

            Speech Title:  "Disease Treatment" 

              Professor at Yonsei University, Director of                          International Medical Center of Severance 
              Hospital of Yonsei University College of
              Medicine, President of Korea International
              Health Medical Foundation, Chairman of       
              Chollipo Arboretum, 2005 National Medal of
              Merit, 4th President of Korea International
              Health and Medical Foundation

    Prof. Jae Wook Choi
    Professor of the Korea University 

             Speech Title:  "COVID 19 Pandemic         

             Prevention and Treatment"

               Heal Professor of Preventive Medicine, Korea     
               University College of Medicine, Doctor of
               Preventive Medicine, Graduate School of Korea
               University, Full-time Vice President of the 
               Korean Medical Association, Director of the 6th
               Medical Policy Institute.

    Dr. Sung Hee Nam

    President of Daegu Health College

             Speech Title:  "Relationship Between                 Rotary and Disease Eradication"

               President, Daegu Health University, Rotary
               International 3700, Former President, Doctor of
               Education from Yeungnam University,
               President of the Korea Junior College
               Education Association, Chairman of the 1st
               Junior College Lifelong Vocational Education
               Development Council, 2011 Minister of Justice



    Satoshi Motegi
    RID2570 District Rotary Foundation Committee Immediate Past Chairman


           Speech Title:  "Global Grant Project" 

            President of Satoshi Mogi Architectural Design
            Office, Ltd. Joined Rotary in 2000 as a member
            of the Rotary Club of Honjo. Served as District
            Secretary (2015-16), and as District Rotary 
            Foundation Committee Chairman (2017-20)

    Shinohara Kazuyuki

    RID2630 District Service Project Committee Chairman


           Speech Title:  "Disease Prevention & 
    - A Joint Project between
           RID 2630 & RID 3330 (Thailand)"

             Joined the Rotary Club of Tajimi Riverside and
             is currently serving as District Service Projects
             Committee Chairman after serving as District 
             International Service Committee Chairman. 

    Shinjiro Dohi

    RID2710 Club Rotary Foundation Committee


           Speech Title:  "Bolivia Hydrocephalus
           Treatment Assistance

             Joined the Rotary Club of East Hiroshima in
             2001. Served as Club President and also District 
              Assistant Governor. Benefactor and Major 
              Donor(Level 3)

    Shinichi Miura
    RID2750 Governor


           Speech Title:  "Introduction of Global                 Subsidy Project Case Studies on                         COVID19" 

            Joined the Rotary Club of Tokyo Hachioiji West
            in 1990. Served as District Service Program                      Committee Chairman and District Assistant                    Governor after serving as Club Secretary and                  Club President.

    Rotary International President Conference Program
    We exchange ideas and actions on Preserving Environment and Preventing & Treating Disease

    08:30 ~ 09:00

    CONFERENCE INITIATION              Presiders: Y.S. Hwang & Y.R Lee
    Welcoming Remarks, Seating Announcement, Program Introduction,
    Videos on Rotary

    Special Opening Performance      Ogomu   "Tigers are Coming Down"


    09:00 ~ 09:30


    Opening  Remarks               Sangkoo Yun/The Rotary Foundation Vice-Chairman
    National Anthem                  All (India, Japan, Korea, the United States)
    Welcome  Remarks              DK Lee/Past Rotary International President, 
                                                            Former Chairman of The Rotary Foundation

                                                           Katsuhiko Tarsuno/ Rotary International Director
    Congratulatory Remarks  Shekhar Mehta
    /Rotary International President 

    09:30 ~ 10:50

    SESSION I: Disease Prevention and Treatment

    Presentations by Speakers from Korea

    "Disease Treatment"     John Alderman Linton/President of Korea International Health Medical Foundation, Director of International Medical Center at Yonsei University College of Medicine Severance Hospital , Professor at Yonsei University 

    "Health Impact of COVID-19 and Threat to Global Solidarity"      
    Jae Wook Choi/ Doctor of Preventive Medicine, Head Professor of Preventive Medicine at Korea University College of Medicine, Full-time Vice President of the Korean Medical Association

    "Relationship Between Rotary and Disease Eradication"     
    Sung Hee Nam/President, Daegu Health University, RI District 3700 Past District Governor, President of the Korea Junior College Education Association 


    Presentations by Speakers from Japan

    "Global Grant Project"      Satoshi Motegi/RID2570 District Rotary Foundation Committee Immediate Past Chairman, President of Staoshi Mogi Architectural Design Office, Ltd., Rotary Club of Honjo

    "Disease Prevention & Treatment - A Joint Project between
    RID 2630 & RID 3330 (Thailand)"     
    Shinohara Kazuyuki/RID2570 District Service Projects Committee Chairman, District International Service Committee Past Chairman, Rotary Club of Tajini Riverside
    "Bolivia Hydrocephalus Treatment Assistance  Shinjiro Dohi/ RID2710

    Club Rotary Foundation Committee Chairman, Past District Assistant Governor, Rotary Club of East Hiroshima 21, Major Donor

    "Introduction of Global Subsidy Project Case Studies on
    COVID 19" 
        Shinichi Miura/RI2750 Governor, Rotary Club of Tokyo

    Hachioiji West, Past District Service Programs Committee Chairman.

    10:50 ~ 12:10


    Presentations by Speakers from Japan

    "Rotary Service Day  ~ Global Environmental Conservation 
    Project ~  Let's think about the Future of our Earth; Let's make
    contribution towards our communities"

    a.  Project Introduction"    Kazuo AraiRID2820 Governor, The Rotary Club of Shimodate, Past Club President, PHS, Benefactor
    "Global Environmental Problems and Beach Cleaning"
    Dr. Masahiro Amano/Professor Emeritus of Waseda University, Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Shimodate, Post Senior Fellow of the Global Environmental Strategy Research Institute, IPCC (Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change) Nobel Peace Prize Winner Contribution Certified, Professor Emeritus of Waseda University
    c.  Dialogue      Kazuo Arai/Dr. Masahiro Amano 


    Presentations by Speakers from Korea
    "Is Climate Crisis an Existential Threat?"      Myung Ja Kim/The 7th Minister of the Department of Environment in Korea, Former Commissioner of Korea Meteorological Agency, Former Congressman, Chair of Hyosung Board of Directors, President of Seoul International
    Forum, Ph.D. from University of Virginia

    "Biodiversity Imbalance and Eco-Vaccine"     Jae C. Choe /Professor of the Ewha Women University, Biodiversity Foundation Representative, 1st
    Director of National Institute of Ecology, 2000 Korea Science and Culture Award, Harvard University Graduate School of Biology

    "Environmental Disaster: Water Contamination"   
    Byung Seong Chun/ President od Korea Natural Disaster Association, Former Chairman of Korea Environmental Management Corporation, Former Commissioner of the Korea Meteorological Agency, Presidential Environment Secretary, Master from Illinois State University,
    PhD  in Environmental Law, Konkuk University.

    Video on Environment 



    12:10 ~ 12:30


    Declamation of the Conference Manifesto  Changwoo Soh/
    Mi-Yeon Park
    (RID3650, RID3750 Governors)

    Assessment & Thank You Note   Shekhar Mehta/Rotary International President

    Declaration of Closure   Sangkoo Yun/The Rotary Foundation

    12:30 ~ 13:00

    Special Video on District Service Activities (Korea, Japan and Others)

    How to participate by Youtube (Use addresses below)

    08:30 ~ 12:30

    Youtube Participation (Any Rotarians and Non-Rotarians)

    You can enter the YouTube Channel for this conference
    by simply pressing the searching words or YouTube address below


    YouTube Address:
    English Searching Words:  "2021 RIP Conference Korea"
    English Youtube Address: https://youtu.be/sLTqNDKTu6M


    The K-Hotel, Gyeongju, Korea


    Q: Will this be online conference?


    A: This is planned to be a hybrid conference, meaning that we will have both: (1) actual conference onsite with the President and DGs from Zone 11& 12 and the guests from Japan and elsewhere, and (2) online conference through YOUTUBE broadcasting for others due to COVID 19 pandemic situation. However, this may have to be changed and have only online broadcasting.

     Q: Who can Attend this conference and how long will this conference take?


    A:  Anyone, Rotarians and non-Rotarians both, can attend this conference via online. 

    This President's conference is scheduled to be about 4 hours long from 8:30-12:30 AM Korean time on October 5, 2021.  From 12:30-13:00 there will be video  playing of local service activities.

    Q: Where is Gyeongju and is there ways to get to know Korea and Gyongju?

    A:  Yes, we are providing sightseeing tour videos on this website for many cities in Korea, including Gyeongju, the city where our conference is held. Please watch our your videos and learn more about Korea and its beautiful cities. 

    Q: Should I make my own travel arrangement if I decide to attend the conference?


    A: Yes. However, there are so many uncontrollable factors at this moment due to COVID 19 crisis and the conference period is only 4 hours. In addition, there is a risk that RI President may not be able to attend the conference and conduct this conference online even for himself if the situation gets worse. Therefore, we recommend you to hold and wait and see before you decide to attend this conference physically. 

    Q: Should I make my own travel arrangement if I decide to attend the conference?


    A: Yes. However, if you decide to stay at The K-Hotel in Gyeongju where the conference is planned to be held, please make sure you mention to the hotel that you will be attending the conference in order to get any applicable discounts. All other arrangements beside hotel reservation should be made on your own based on information provided on this website. 

    Q: Where should I contact for further information?


    A: You may contact us through the following
    email address:

    E-mail: info@2021ripc-korea.com



    Online Tour of Korea

    These videos are provided for you to enjoy visiting various cities and places of interest

    for your online visit to Korea. Enjoy the views!

    Gyeongju Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Seoul Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Incheon Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Busan Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Jeonju Tour  (Unmute video below)

    GangNeung Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Mokpo Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Andong Tour  (Unmute video below)

    Introduction of Korea and RI Zone 11&12 (Unmute video below)



    How to become Rotarian?

    To join Rotary and become a member, you can visit one of the local Rotary Clubs near you 
    or visit the website of Rotary International and sign up and they will forward
    your information to the club near you. 
    You can visit the following address vis Internet:


    After signing in, you can change to the language you want. 





    How to donate to Rotary?

    Rotary International is the right place to make your donation for you to participate indirectly
    in the worldwide service activities to help people who are in desperate need. 
    If you want to make donation, you can give your directly through your club or directly to
    The Rotary Foundation through Internet.
    You can visit The Rotary International site for your donation using the the following address via Internet:

    After signing in, you can change to the language you want. 







     Sangkoo Yun
    The Rotary Foundation Vice-Chairman 
    RID3650 Past District Governor

    Won Pyo Kim

    Rotary Intenational Director
    RID3630 Past District Governor

    Sung Koo Yoon
    RID3600 Past District Governor
    Past RC & RRFC

     Saeho David Chang
    TRF Environment MGI Committee Chairman
    RID3650 Past District Governor


    Jong Byum Lee

    Zone11,12 Rotary Public Image Coordinator
    RID3740 Past District Governor


    Gye-Ho Shin
    Zone 11,12 Assistant Rotary Coordinator
    RID3630 Past District Governor


    Hee-Woo Chae
    Korea Rotary Scholarship Foundation Chair RID3750 Past District Governor

    Seung-gyu Lee
    RID 3750 District Media Committee

    Kwi-Young Song
    RID 3650 District Korea-Japan Friendship 
    Committee Chairman

    Yunsung Hwang
    RID 3650 District 
    General Secretary

    Yeirang Lee
    RID 3750 District 
    Assistant General Secretry



    RID 3590

    Im-Sook Kim
    District Governor (2021-22) 

    Location: Gyeongsangnamdo,

    NUmber of Clubs: 82
    Number of Members: 3,755
    Website Address:


    RID 3600

    Duk Sam Lee
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Gyeonggi-do
    East, Seongnam
    Number of Clubs:  91
    Number of Members: 3,799
    Website Address:


    RID 3610

    Seong Pil Moon
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Jeollanamdo (East West)
    Number of Clubs:  85
    Number of Members: 4,442
    Website Address:


    RID 3620

    Sang Sik Moon
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Chungcheongnam-do
    (West. North)

    Number of Clubs:  97
    Number of Members: 3,692
    Website Address:


    RID 3630

    Yeong-Bae Kim
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Gyeongsangbukdo
    Number of Clubs:  127
    Number of Members: 6,138
    Website Address:


    RID 3640

    Hee Sool Cho
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Seoul (Gangnam)
    Number of Clubs:  59
    Number of Members: 1,580
    Website Address:


    RID 3650

    Changwoo Soh
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Seoul (Gangbuk)
    Number of Clubs:  99
    Number of Members: 2,203
    Website Address:


    RID 3661

    Jin-Chul Joo
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Busan
    Number of Clubs:  91
    Number of Members: 2,755
    Website Address:


    RID 3662

    Ha Suk Kim
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Jejudo
    Number of Clubs:  85
    Number of Members: 4,290
    Website Address:


    RID 3670

    Jong Wan Park
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Jeollabuk-do
    Number of Clubs:  88
    Number of Members: 4,932
    Website Address:


    RID 3680

    Sook Ja Kim
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Daejeon/Chungnam (East/South)
    Number of Clubs:  86
    Number of Members: 3,480
    Website Address:


    RID 3690

    Sung Jig Yang
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Incheon/Gyeonggi (North)
    Number of Clubs:  99
    Number of Members: 3,163
    Website Address:


    RID 3700

    Dong Hee Lee
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Daegu 
    Number of Clubs:  98
    Number of Members: 3,139
    Website Address:


    RID 3710

    In Bong Seo
    District Governor (2021-22)

    /Location: Gwangju, 

    Number of Clubs:  90
    Number of Members: 3,167
    Website Address:


    RID 3721

    Sun Keon Lee
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Ulsan, Yangsan,

    Number of Clubs:  70
    Number of Members: 2,306
    Website Address:



    RID 3722

    Young No Jung
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Changwon, Gimhae, Haman, Changnyeong
    Number of Clubs:  66
    Number of Members: 2,440
    Website Address:


    RID 3730

    Soon Ok Hong
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Gangwon-do
    Number of Clubs:  83
    Number of Members: 2,990
    Website Address:


    RID 3740

    Yongmin Ji
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Chungcheongbukdo

    Number of Clubs:  77
    Number of Members: 2,971
    Website Address:


    RID 3750

    Mi-Yeon Park
    District Governor (2021-22)

    Location: Gyeonggido
    (West. South)

    Number of Clubs:  105
    Number of Members: 3,710
    Website Address:


    Thank You for Visiting Our Website

    The materials included in our website are to be used strictly for our internal promotional purpose
    for the RI President Conference  in Korea on October 5, 2021.
    All video materials shown in our website are linked to the YouTube channels which are available in public.
    All other materials are from the website of Rotary International. 


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